Saturday, May 17, 2008

Dozier Internet Law: MySpace Hacking Indictment Well Supported

Cyberbullying is finally be recognized! This was a long time coming and how sad that it took the death of an innocent young girl to help make a movement towards change.

As a victim and survivor of Cyber harassment, you don't have to be a child to be harassed and bullied online - it is happening to all ages. The case of Megan Meier is nothing short of tragic and brings cyberbullying to a new level of extreme concern.

I received emails and calls daily from victims of Cyber Slander and Internet Abuse, this is a growing and expanding problem that needs to be addressed, this new bill is only the beginning. After winning an unprecedented jury verdict for damages of what was done to me on the Internet of over $11.M - I continue to be a voice for those that are being harassed and help others with their potential cases. When the jury read through the many posts of slanderous and defamatory comments posted online about my family, my organization and myself - they were appalled. They told my attorney and myself they set the verdict high to send a message - you can't use your keypad as a weapon to harm others.

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